TSTI Series Inverter / Chargers

TSTI Series Inverter/ Chargers
Critical Back Up Power, Always ON!

The TSTI presents optimized robust critical back up power & power protection, performance, highest availability & versatility for power back up needs of daily life power demanding applications for small & medium sized home & office applications, industrial applications, financial institutions like banks-ATMs, telecom, marine, military applications in harshest environments.

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TSTI Series Inverter UPS | Robustness, Highest Availability,

Versatility & Increased Power Performance


The TSTI transformer based high frequency IGBT pure sinewave output

power single phase Inverter-Chargers offer high electrical and mechanical

robustness, high reliability and ultimate power protection solution for

power back up needs for daily life power demanding applications and

also for industrial, telecom, marine & military applications in

harshest environments.

The TSTI’s transformer based, electrically & mechanically robust design,

hi-tech, high frequency IGBT-PWM technology, multiple microprocessor

control, innovative fault-tolerant & over engineered architecture makes it

state of art of power electronics design and guarantees proven reliability

and maximized availability for the loads and systems connected to itself

and significantly decrease operational downtimes and costs during its lifetime.

The TSTI provides maximum power protection performance, increased

power quality & continuous power for any type of application.

High efficiency values & power density in minimized footprint, scalable power

rating up to 600 kVA and compact & modular design is what highlights it among

its competitors in worldwide markets.

Advanced battery care design, fast and powerful charger, lower DC applications

also make TSTI superior by the proven data against traditional legacy inverter

systems along with many rivals existing in the market.

The product warranty can be extended to 5 years for international markets,

extended warranty contracts are available and optimized product service life is

above 10 years without any problem.

TSTI is designed to meet the needs of demanding environments and businesses worldwide.

Compact, lightweight, elegant design, smallest dimensions
Full digital microprocessor control, IGBT-PWM technology,
true RMS measurement & feedback loop
Zero impact on source via active power factor correction at input [≥0.996],
low THDi [≤3%], pure sinewave output THDv [≤2%], output voltage accuracy [≤1%]
Highly-efficient design [up to 95%] without sacrificing reliability,
versatile & flexible operating modes, lower OPEX and CAPEX
Higher power density, maximum power at minimum footprint,
high output power factor [0.8 as standard; 0.9 is available]
offers 33 to 50% more power compared to inverter/ charger systems existing in the market.
AVR & Automatic bypass function between AC & DC reserve power, DC and AC dual input, in case of power outage at AC mains power, it immediately switches to inverter mode. It can be used as a UPS or it can be operating as a inverter.
Intelligent battery management include a range of features designed to gain the best performance, prolong battery life and reduce their usage.
High charger capacity & a large variety of battery types are supported, VRLA AGM, gel deep cycle AGM, Ni-Cd, Li-Po battery options.
High quality Hitachi batteries or high rate TSINE batteries are configured with XRP Series.
(As per client’s choice)
Over engineered, fault-tolerant, superior serviceability design
Scalable up to 60 kVA/ 48 kW in single phase & 900 kVA/ 900 kW in
three phase, N+1 redundancy, maximized availability
Unconditional rated power is supplied via TSTI’s output to the critical loads
connected to TSTI itself. No downgrading occurs within the tolerances
of the prespecified operating environments
User friendly multi-functional LED/LCD display panel with 128 pieces
Events/Faults, Log/ History.
Advanced connectivity/ communication, monitoring & management via
RS232, dry contacts for overload, over temperature, output voltage fault,
output frequency fault, DC input fault, earth leakage are available and
it can be customized as per client’ s need, RS485 and network management kit.

Other features:
Wide & Customizable DC & AC Input Options
12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 96, 110, 220 VDC | 220, 230, 240 VAC or 110, 115, 120, 127 VAC
Selectable AC Output Voltages for Any Kind of Applications [L-L]
220, 230, 240 VAC or 110, 115, 120, 127 VAC
-20%~+15% input voltage range, immune to frequency variation between 47 to 63 Hz
Unbeatable performance on unbalanced loads, Unaffected by low system and/or load power factor
Wide variety of applications: Home & office, small/ medium/ large businesses, industrial, marine, telecom, transportation, military
Advanced Menu Display & Control
LCD / LED, with Input / Output Operation Parameters
Peak Power: 200% Of Its Rated Power

Protections against: Battery deep discharge, automatic bypass, short
circuit, overload, lightning, over temperature, high/ low voltage at output

EMI/ RFI filter

Transformer based IGBT Hightech Design, Incomparable-Unbeatable Reliability
Extended Warranty Contracts are Available, Optimized Product Service Life > 10 Years

• • • Advanced menu display and control

Clean, Continuous Power to Your Infrastructure    

Voltage distortion [THDv] is less than 3% for the loads connected to UPS itself.

High output power factor [0,9] provides up to 29% more active power compared to traditional legacy UPSs. (0,8 & 1 = Unity PF, kVA=kW models are also available).

True high overload operation and high short circuit current withstand capabilities.


Controlling Both CAPEX and OPEX

The XRP UPS offers the features to achieve the lowest TCO and fastest ROI.

Class-leading highly-efficient double-conversion design, reengineered for minimum losses in wiring, chokes, IGBTs so that the efficiency levels of typical XRP UPS is up to 95%, saves up to 47% in dissipated energy in one year compared to traditional legacy UPS (91%) systems resulting in a faster payback period of four years as ROI. Thus has a significant role in lowering OPEX for device’s service life without increasing the CAPEX in short run.

Investing & Operating HVAC Systems & Cooling Infrastructure: Thanks to highly efficient design, initial investment is kept at minimum and cooling costs.

Power infrastructure upstream system design investments are kept at minimum.

Generator Compability and Genset : Ups power ratio is also kept at minimum.

On-Site True Scalability : Pay as You Grow!  Capacity can flex to meet power infrastructure growth whilst offering additional redundancy, optimizing initial investment, ease of expansion from medium-sized installations to hyper scale infrastructures .

Maximized Power Density : A very compact footprint and overall case design, 0.68m² for 250 kVA.
Ease of Installation & Deployment: The XRP requires only a very small space for installation (only 0.68 sqm. for a 250 kVA/  250 kW system); in addition, front access allows servicing of all major components from the front panel. Given the upwards ventilation, XRP UPS can be placed up against a wall, reducing the space to be left free, necessary in event the flow of hot air coming out the rear.

The connection of the UPS is very easy, configurable parameters by LCD front panel enables the user to choose various operating modes and select right electrical values for the power infrastructure and critical load.


Connectivity/ Communication, Monitoring & Management


Smart UPS systems with enhanced connectivity features are the key and indispensable in next-generation power infrastructures, smart data centers, facilities and buildings, smart factories which are integrated to Industry 4.0, that means communication, control and automated operation for each component.

In today’ s needs, XRP UPS supports a vast range of connectivity standards and options highlighted below:

User friendly multi-functional graphical touch screen display front panel enables user to see and track real time data for operation, status, measurements, alerts & alarms, events related to input/ output of UPS. The UPS also helps the user to measure loads in IT, industrial fields and calculate PUE (power usage effectiveness) ratio critical for OPEX.


Standard double RS232 serial communication ports.

Optional RS485, RS422, Communication features.

Optional dry contact card, programmable. 4 to 9  pieces.

Optional network management kit connectivity to computer & network systems, capability of sending e-mail alerts, text message to mobile number.

Optional remote emergency power off (REPO) to shut down the UPS remotely in an emergency case, remote led mimic panel or graphic display.




Versatility, Flexibility, Compability and Adaptability

Engineered for a variety of load types: The XRP UPS has been powering a vast range of applications worldwide. Its flexible design, strong engineering background, supports various load types.


Industrial applications & process control,

Health-care applications & medical facilities,

In data center and IT environment,

Facility and building applications & loads, business environments.


The versatility and flexibility of The UPS XRP is also offering the below features as standard:

Optimised performance and power delivery on capacitive & inductive loads without any degradation of power, from 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging

Frequency converter mode as a standard, bidirectional from 50 to 60 & 60 to 50 Hz adjustable from front panel.

Extended runtimes are available.

Dual input.

Multi-flexible operation modes: On-Line – True VFI, Eco Mode, Stand-By/Off, Battery and Bypass modes

Advanced communication and load management skills.

Cold Start feature allows the user to turn the UPS on when the mains is not available or not within the predefined range.

Input isolation transformer (optional) adapts the XRP UPS for marine and shipyard, port applications where a neutral line is not available or not reliable. It also eliminates most of the power disturbances at the utility side. Output isolation transformer (optional) insulates the critical load and battery stage/ DC bus and it provides the output a perfect neutral reference.


Advanced Battery Care

Battery care system include a range of features designed to gain the best performance, prolong battery life and reduce their usage.

Wide input voltage range allows the UPS XRP to operate within very low mains voltages without discharging the battery set.

Advanced charging techniques to optimize charging currents and reduce charge periods.

Temperature compensation: to avoid excessive voltage being applied to the batteries in a high ambient

Deep discharge protection : to prevent the batteries being discharged below a level from which they cannot be recovered (especially when discharged over long periods with very low loads).

Scheduled/ automatic and manual battery test feature to diagnose, in advance, any reduction in performance or problems with the batteries detect performance degradation and predict battery failure.


Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS)

TSINE UPS Systems are functional and reliable to any interruptions and disturbances in commercial grid power.

It consistently perform according to its specifications. Thanks to its innovative, next-generation architecture, downtimes are measured as 0.000001 for a given interval.

Some of the design criterias behind TSINE UPS products as given below:

Over-engineering, all systems by TSINE is designed to specifications better than minimum requirements of the standards.

Some critical parts, components are duplicated as a redundant system to achieve better reliability, avoiding single point of failure.

The UPS XRP is engineered with recoverable methods, it is faul-tolerant and robust to any fluctuations in grid, critical load and any problem which may occur during its operation.

  • The UPS …, keeps extensive records of events, alerts, failures so that trouble-shooting and disaster recovery takes a little time.
  • Power-on replacement, when the systems are still operational, on maintenance bypass mode, the faulty/ broken components or peripherals can be replaced hot swap.
  • While switching from commercial power to backup or auxiliary power, the UPS … can transfer the load to the source with 0 transfer method in 0 miliseconds. The critical load is supplied continuously

The UPS … offers an enhanced serviceability in which a component, parts or system can be maintained and repaired easily. MTTR value is around 15 minutes thanks to early detection of potential problems/ pointing out the exact part(s) which are faulty. The UPS … has also the ability to correct problems automatically before serious trouble occurs; built-in maintenance bypass and automatic & manually activated static bypass allows the user to the maintenance and repair operations with the minimum downtime possible.


Maximized Availability, by the power engineering at its top level, XRP offers very robust

and reliable power protection, this also leads minimized downtime and highest level of availability. Very high level of MTBF [Mean Time Between Failures ] and very low MTTR [ Mean Time to Repair ] ensures the critical load not to fail for its duty.



The UPS XRP is classified as a “ Zero Impact on Source ” so that all effects to connected power sources – grid networks or generators are eliminated.

Current distortion [THDi] is less than 3% & high input power factor close to unity as 0.996 thanks to high frequency IGBT rectifier design and active power factor correction circuity at input.

Thanks to very low harmonics distortion, high input PF & power walk-in feature to ensure progressive rectifier start-up, Genset/ Ups ratio can be selected even 1:1.

Reducing recharge current of the batteries, the current absorbed from the input will be lowered and therefore do not overload the source, especially when the source is a generator. Delayed start-up feature – to restart the rectifier when the mains power supply is restored. Start-up is phased when several UPS are connected in the system.

The UPS XRP also performs the role of a high performance specification filter, protecting its upstream power supply sources (mains or generator) from any harmonics and reactive power generated by the loads powered by the UPS itself.


Three Level Rectifier & Inverter Technology Ultra High Energy Efficiency

The UPS XRP NetXtend FX uses transformerless double conversion technology VFI SS 111, with integrated IGBT three-level design. Thanks to its Vienna Rectifier and Double-IGBT three-level architecture, the UPS offers an online AC~AC efficiency of 97% which minimizes OPEX while guaranteeing a payback of 3-4 years by the savings. The UPS XRP NetXtend FX offering high efficiency values starting at 20% load rates as 95+ %.

As a premium class product, The UPS XRP NetXtend FX offers Unity Power Factor, PF : 1.

Built-in Output Isolation Transformer

The UPS XRP with built-in output isolation transformer offers more reliable, robust power protection for critical applications for the industries, healthcare and data centers in harshest environments. The main features as follows:

  • Isolates and protects the critical output load connected to the ups from DC BUS/ Battery failures.
  • Fault on DC BUS does not affect by-pass availability
  • Higher immunity to harmonics and Energy backfeed generated by the load.
  • High short circuit current resistance
  • The UPS can be supplied from two independent upstream power source.

Easy Scalability

The UPS … offers on-site power upgrade by adding distributed or centralized parallel units to the existing device up to 8 units for ultimate redundancy (N+1) or (N+N).

Proven reliable parallel operation, ease of scalability adds full robustness, redundancy to the power infrastructure and clean, continuous power to the critical load. N+1, N+N installations are much easier than previous versions.

Maximum levels of availability also in the event of an interruption to the parallel bus cable: the system is fault tolerant. It is not affected by connection cable faults and continues powering the load without any break, signaling the anomaly with an alarm.

Customized design for enclosure, IP protection rating, color, electrical parameters